The New Recruiter

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In our efforts to continually improve our hiring processes, we’re envisioning a new kind of recruiter: the Recruiting Marketer (RM). This isn't  someone who recruits marketers or markets to recruiters, but rather a person who recruits new talent using the tools and strategies typically considered the stuff of marketers.

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Creating an Employer Brand

As one of the earliest advocates of Social HR, we’ve always seen recruiting as marketing and recognized social networks as powerful recruiting tools. Employer branding has also been integral to our recruiting activities and success. As we move toward a continuous recruiting model, we will be solidifying that commitment with the creation of this new role.

Cross Training for Recruiters

The advent of online marketing led to the emergence of “growth hackers,” requiring an amalgam of sales, marketing and technical skills. So too has the convergence of online recruiting, social networks and the war for talent created the need for a new kind of recruiter. This new type of recruiter will use the tools of the marketing trade to generate awareness and demand; and then move candidates through a continuous recruiting funnel to fill current and future hiring needs. 

  1. The RM will own these activities—posting videos, images and other content to Facebook to create the desired employer branding; creating a strong social media presence across multiple platforms and using that presence to connect with potential candidates; providing consistent messaging and a conduit for applications on LinkedIn and other social networks; and conceiving innovative promotions to attract potential candidates.
  2. Regular inbound marketing activity will produce recruiting leads, which will then be nurtured to fill current and future openings. Whether or not a current position is available, the RM will forge relationships with candidates and maintain contact. Creating a superior candidate experience throughout will be an important part of the RM’s role.
  3. The RM will ensure that job descriptions are crafted as marketing communications, targeting identified groups and personas developed with the input of current employees and their managers.
  4. Throughout the recruiting process, data will be captured and analyzed to improve future performance and support future planning.
  5. To make sure that recruiting with a marketing bent doesn’t lead to “hire’s remorse,” the RM will also work closely with HR and management to support onboarding and work experiences that are consistent with the company branding reflected in the recruiting process.

The Recruiter of the Future

The role we imagine for this Recruiting Marketer undoubtedly represents the recruiter of the future. At minimum, every company big enough to have a recruiting department will have to add a marketing associate to that department or risk losing the war for talent to more progressive competitors. The internet has blurred the lines between marketing and sales, and now it’s blurring the lines between recruiting and marketing. Coloring inside those lines by sticking to old practices may seem tidier and safer, but it’s the illusory safety of an outdated recruiting comfort zone.


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