The Undiscovered Country

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spaceship flying past a planet

Over two years ago TribeHR, the first truly social HCMS, was acquired by NetSuite, a cloud ERP adventurer eager to incorporate our beautiful interface and innovative social user experience into their enterprise platform.

Since then, we have shared much exploration, experimentation and integration. (Sooo much integration!)

Now, the time has come to accept full symbiosis with the mothership. TribeHR still exists within the starship fleet that is NetSuite ERP, but it no longer ventures forth alone into undiscovered country and uncharted space. As such, it will no longer maintain a separate shipblog.

Two years ago, TribeHR and NetSuite quickly meshed to become NetSuite TribeHR—today we are truly one. Together we will explore the cloud-ERP galaxy, bringing our unparalleled, unified suite to all life-forms we encounter. Let the journey begin.


Okay, so shutting down the individual TribeHR blog and integrating it into NetSuite Blogs probably doesn’t strike you as particularly dramatic. But, after writing more than 300 unique articles for the TribeHR blog, it feels like the end of an era to me.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring social HCM as much as we have and that you’ll continue to journey with us as we move forward into the broader universe of ERP integrated HCM.

This is TribeHR and Stephanie Reyes signing off.

Live long and prosper—and may the force be with you.


Photo credit: Elsie esq via, CC BY 2.0

Change Happens

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Bridging the Workplace Generation Gap – Necessary or Not?

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Among the many articles, blogs, whitepapers and books I’ve read lately, was one Avison Young whitepaper[1] that asks a provocative question:  “Are organizations in danger of using generational stereotyping as an excuse for not engaging fully with the workforce to build business transformation solutions that drive improved employee retention and knowledge sharing?” While the paper acknowledges that the (up to) five generations currently co-habiting the workplace do have varying perspectives, based on different life experiences, the authors suggest that workers of all generations have more in common than we might think. Specifically, the report cites …

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Over a breakfast meeting with a good friend and colleague the other day, I had the opportunity to observe an interesting phenomenon. I’m not sure what to call it, but it essentially involved watching my friend morph through a series of emotional states, triggered by some inconsistent customer service we experienced. At the outset, our server was pleasant. She greeted us with friendly conversation and a warm smile. She made notes as she took our order and then repeated our choices back to us. Things were going well—at least we thought they were. When our meals …

Intent Versus Impact

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Have you ever written an email, left a message or made a comment that was completely misinterpreted by the person who received it? Welcome to the world of (mis)communication. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and, in most cases, prefer that style of communication and expect (consciously or subconsciously), other people to conform to it. But, of course, other people have their own communication styles and preferences as well, and expect similar accommodation. On top of that, we all apply our own personal filters to each incoming message and interpret it accordingly! The truth is, when it …

No Excuse for Workplace Bullying

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It may seem hard to believe, but it’s possible to be bullied at work and not even know it. This is especially true if you’ve always experienced a power differential in the workplace and never been given the opportunity to speak up against over-bearing behaviors that seem to be accepted or ignored. How to Know if You’re Being Bullied at Work Chances are you’ll know that something isn’t right if you’re being bullied at work, you just may not know what to call it. Here are some indicators …

The Dangers of Speed

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While the drug commonly known as speed (methamphetamine) comes with some significant side-effects and is hazardous to your health, that’s not the kind of speed I’d like to draw your attention to today. Rather, as was clearly illustrated to me the other day, the potential pitfalls of running (and driving) through our days at full-tilt are many and sometimes just as damaging as the mind-altering version of speed. Whether it’s the impatient driver of the SUV in the curb lane beside me, who almost T-boned the wailing, flashing police cruiser as it turned left …

Busting 5 Common Productivity Myths

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It seems that every organization in the world is concerned with productivity, and for good reason. Improving productivity is often the only way to remain competitive in a global economy. Sometimes productivity gains drive more than organizational competitiveness. In the U.S., for example, productivity gains have been known to drive the entire economy, accounting for as much as 80% of GDP growth in recent years.[1] In spite of such wide-ranging interest in the topic, there are many misconceptions about workplace productivity that prevent individuals and organizations from being as productive as possible. Let’s take a closer look at …

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