What’s the Buzz at TribeHR?

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TribeHR prepares for ALS ice bucket challenge!

Things are pretty exiting here at NetSuite TribeHR. We’re working on next generation HCM software that is truly awesome. On a daily basis we engage with fascinating businesses around the globe. We’re regularly hiring interesting and talented new people. Soon we’ll be too big for our current space, so a move to bigger and better digs is also in the cards.

I’d have to say that there is a definite positive energy happening. Work is a lot of fun these days. Not that it wasn’t before. I’ve just noticed a bigger and better buzz lately. When I take a look around and try to pinpoint why, I realize it’s not any one thing. It’s a bubbling stew of people and activities and ideas.

There’s a lot going on. As best I can tell, here are some of the factors contributing to our increasingly enthusiastic hum.

  1. Every day, we’re working on something useful and adding value. Progress is visible and tangible.
  2. We have a bunch of amazing and interesting people to work with.
  3. Regular onboarding of new people means lots of paired programming, which quickly brings new people up to speed and helps us get to know them better, faster. Since we also ask new hires to identify something they can improve in the on-boarding process within the first 30 days (and then improve it), everyone is collectively invested in enhancing the on-boarding experience for new hires. This creates a lot of positive energy and makes us want to refer the next hire. 
  4. Maybe because everyone “owns” on-boarding, new hires jump right in and get involved right away.
  5. The fact that things are getting a little crowded around here has actually led to a cosier environment and fostered more collaboration.
  6. And when our cosy environment gets a little too close for comfort, we blow off steam at a company event, like two recent trips to Wonderland and an upcoming potluck!
  7. In addition to regular work activities, people are involved in a number of personally motivated projects for causes they support. We have one group working on a project to support the local food bank, while another group is raising funds for Habitat for Humanity. Not to mention a team ice-bucket challenge that just raised over $1,600 in support of ALS research. At TribeHR, we believe in community, both internal and external. (Watch our ice bucket video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC_x4DMfJZI)
  8. When all else fails, treats and baked goods brought in by team members make the office a sweeter place. We find that shared food (lemon bars most recently), solves a lot of problems!

Whether it’s the lemon bars, trips to Wonderland or our communal approach to process improvement, we’re having a lot of fun at work these days. We’re also getting a lot done. Some people, like author Ron Culberson, believe it’s impossible to be truly successful unless you’re having fun. We think he’s on to a good thing.


NetSuite TribeHR, the social HRMS that’s fostering a more engaged workforce. Try it free today!

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