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Just the other day I wrote about the impact that working on exciting, industry leading software has on our people—creating an energy and enthusiasm that comes from contributing to important work. Well, now we’ll be ratcheting that up a notch after yesterday’s announcement of our strategic partnership with Maxwell Health.

NetSuite #2, Forbes Most Innovative Growth Companies 2014

When TribeHR was acquired by NetSuite, small and mid-sized businesses gained access, for the first time, to an integrated, cloud-based ERP and HCM software suite. The addition of Maxwell’s revolutionary cloud solution for employee healthcare and benefits administration to the NetSuite TribeHR human capital management (HCM) platform means SMBs can now run end-to-end HCM business processes from recruiting, managing and rewarding employees, to facilitating healthcare benefits enrollment, administering benefits and promoting workforce wellness – all in the cloud.

There is general consensus in the industry that the marriage of ERP and HCM is inevitable. According Paul Hamerman at Forrester Research

“A company needs to know on a cost level how many employees they have and what it’s costing them, along with turnover rates and analytics to help them make decisions and understand the essential talent that makes the organization successful.”

This is only possible if business information and financial data are synchronized with HCM data. It’s not enough, however, to cobble together diverse components without providing a single, unified platform. Delivering such a unified platform has been NetSuite’s focus since identifying the integration of HCM as a clear customer need and making it a strategic objective.

For the team at NetSuite TribeHR, this means we have the opportunity to work on the industry’s first unified cloud based ERP/HCM system, creating immeasurable value for our customers and making history at the same time. No wonder we’re humming.

For more information about this exciting strategic partnership, read the full press release

NetSuite Customers Star at SuiteWorld 2014

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SuiteWorld, the annual gathering of NetSuite customers, partners, industry press and analysts is putting its emphasis on the first group in that list like never before. With 6,000 attendees expected to attend the annual event at the San Jose Convention Center (SJCC) May 12-15, NetSuite’s customers are front and center. That starts with the opening reception Monday night, where the SJCC will be serving up wine from our customer Northwest Cellars Winery, which has made high-quality wines for over 1,600 corporate clients, nonprofits, restaurants, hotels, private clubs, special occasions, and personal gifts. NetSuite customers also line the shelves in the …

TribeHR and NetSuite Turn it Up to 11

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If you haven’t heard already, I have some very exciting news - yesterday we announced that TribeHR has entered into an agreement to be acquired by NetSuite. I’m writing this post to share a few personal thoughts directly with our customers and partners. We founded TribeHR with the belief that inspired, engaged and connected employees build the best companies – we built TribeHR to help our customers cultivate that reality within their own organizations. With a modern cloud application that gives employees and managers access to performance, recruiting, and core HR data, we’ve improved …

Keeping It In-Office at the HR Water Cooler

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Internalizing the HR news for the week ending July 5th, 2013: Focus on the Frontline Empowering staff is no easy task, especially in a customer service role. Working in a fast-paced environment while dealing with irritable customers often makes it hard for representatives to stay enthusiastic. Here are some tips from Harvard Business Review on empowering customer service employees: Get Started: Connect the front line to the customer strategy. Empower Your Workforce: Teach people to think for themselves. Experiment to Implement: Grant front line workers latitude to experiment. Eliminate the Barriers: Smash your hierarchies. Invest in Your Frontline: Allocate budget space …

Keeping Staff Happy at the HR Water Cooler

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All the positives of the HR news for the week ending June 28th, 2013: Recess Without Stress Leave time is a big part of keeping your team happy. This week Forbes highlights the importance of planning employee vacations at the right times. Time-off is best when scheduled away from any important company dates or product releases. When it’s time for an employee to be away, managers and co-workers should be prepared, and auto-responders configured properly. Make sure to also clearly define when and how the absent employee can be contacted on their mobile phone. Rest and recuperation is the …

Asking Questions at the HR Water Cooler

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Investigating the HR news for the week ending June 23rd, 2013: How do you hire the best candidates? Asking questions is the first step to solving most problems. When it comes to hiring, asking and listening will help you determine which candidate is the best fit. In an article on best hiring practices this week for Inc., Jeff Haden requests that we ask these three behaviour-related questions: What do you know about our business and industry?  How did you come to learn that what we do is important to our clients? What is your favorite aspect of our business, and …

Defining Company Culture at the Water Cooler

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Interpreting the HR news for the week ending June 14th, 2013: Pillars of Stability Our friends at OpenView have a culture of collaboration based on three principles, which are discussed in a new article on their blog. Adopting the scrum methodology, addressing the “five dysfunctions of a team,” and encouraging employees to bring their “best self” to the table, all help them focus on what matters to them as a company. Businesses that stress their shared values, team dynamics, and positive outlooks are better able to work together to solve problems. That’s news that never …

Hiring in the Age of Technology from the HR Water Cooler

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Filtering through the HR news for the week ending June 7th, 2013: Nice Enough For new graduates, the competition to find a dream job straight out of college is fierce. Many seek the perfect role while they get by via a retail or entry-level position in the meantime. This week Fast Company discussed the importance of balancing a great cover letter and resume with “soft skills.” With the increasing focus on company culture, for many businesses it makes sense to hire someone based on personality fit, then provide more in-depth training to fill in specific skill gaps. Volunteer or …

Keeping Your Employees Focused at the HR Water Cooler

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Concentrating on the HR news for the week ending May 31st, 2013: Summertime Distractions With summer looming and the prospect of many employees’ scheduled vacations, distractions are on the rise too. The sun is shining and the office may not seem as rewarding of an environment in comparison. To keep your employees focused during this time of year, executives and managers need to stay on task as well. Forbes touches on the habits of company leaders and how they affect the work ethic of their employees. If managers have a laid back attitude during the summer, or lower …

Getting Promoted at the HR Water Cooler

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Climbing through the HR news for the week ending May 26th, 2013: Becoming aware of growth opportunities In order to advance their career, employees need first to determine where they want to be in the future. It's easy to claim dissatisfaction in a current role, but to make the shift towards advancement you need a “promotion focus” says Heidi Grant Halvorson for an article in the Harvard Business Review. The mindset that goes along with having a this focus lends itself to recognizing innovative opportunities for advancement. Help employees to recognize the opportunities that are available to them …

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