20 Secrets of the World’s Greatest Coaches

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20 Secrets of the World's Greatest Coaches

Cleaning out some old files I came across a handout from a coaching workshop I attended some years ago. A single sheet of paper with the heading “The Coach’s Toolbox” and a list: Twenty Secrets of the World’s Greatest Coaches.[1]

Heartfelt Coaching by woodleywonderworks, Flickr

The page included a scorecard with the obvious intent of allowing participants to score themselves (from 1-5 on each attribute). It was blank. I’m not sure if that means I was uncomfortable scoring myself when I received the handout, or I simply kept an extra copy because it might be useful and worth sharing.  Either way, re-reading the list reminded me that, no matter how quickly the world changes, some things are fundamental and timeless. Here is the original list (with my additional comments in brackets).

  1. Be available.
  2. Promote participation.
  3. Build relationships.
  4. Utilize delegation (as a development tool.)
  5. Provide feedback (regularly, and solicit it too).
  6. Allow mistakes. (Encourage exploration and expect mistakes.)
  7. Be a role model.
  8. Offer training. (Provide training—sometimes offering is not enough.)
  9. Have high expectations.
  10. Set goals (collaboratively, and make them meaningful.)
  11. Share information.
  12. Celebrate attempts (and successes—and failures that teach you something important.)
  13. Encourage teamwork.
  14. Grow experts. (Identify and develop potential.)
  15. Reward innovation.
  16. Have unannounced celebrations (with spontaneous recognition.)
  17. Say “thanks.”
  18. Show your emotions: + and – (not so you emote excessively all over people and freak them out—just be real.)
  19. Pick your issues carefully.
  20. Be a team player.

Although I might add to this list (my bracketed comments, for example), or condense it somewhat; I don’t think I’d delete anything.  What do you think? Have the fundamentals of coaching changed on your watch?



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[1] The page had no copyright information. If you produced it or know who did, please let us know so we can attribute it appropriately.

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