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A lot of interesting HCM research has been published over the past few months. Whenever we come across new research, we tweet about it. If it resonates with us, we reference it in a blog or even dedicate a full article to it if we find the research especially relevant. A couple of things struck me the other day:

Research Process by jtneill, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
  1. Twitter feeds fly by and few people regularly review historical tweets.
  2. HR practitioners and decision makers are often too busy to find and read the available research.

So, for those of you who may have missed a tweet or don’t have the time to sift through what’s out there in the world of HR research, here is a quick sample of what we’ve found interesting so far this year.

Bersin by Deloitte: Predictions for 2014

This report offers a detailed look at global trends shaping human capital management. The 65-page research report begins by identifying 2014 as “the year of the employee” and then documents the top 10 trends that will impact us in 2014 and beyond.  Read a summary of the top 10 trends or download the full report.

ADP Research: Employee Self-Service and Mobile HR Applications

The proliferation of BYOD policies in the workplace and the ubiquity of mobile technology has many employers scrambling to bring mobile functionality to the HCM space. This research by ADP set out to gauge actual mobile application usage in midsized U.S. organizations (employers with 50-999 employees). Specifically the report looks at how often employees access HR related information and functions via mobile devices and which behaviors are most common. This research provides useful information for employers contemplating adding mobile to their employee self-service options.  Download the full report here.

Harvard Business Review (Achievers): The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted surveys and interviews with more than 550 business managers and executives, including 12 best-practice company leaders, to better understand the impact of employee engagement on overall business performance.  The research found that leaders understand the importance of engagement but are not always sure how to generate it and that significant gaps exist between the views of executives and middle managers.  In spite of the fact that it's difficult to measure the impact of engagement on financial results and challenging to keep employees engaged, the report identified a group of companies that saw engagement as an extremely important priority. In the report these companies share methods they are using to effectively tie engagement to business performance.  Access the full report here.

Human Capital Institute: 2014 Talent Pulse: HR Strategy and Analytics

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) publishes Talent Pulse quarterly. Each issue summarizes recent research that explores the latest trends and challenges in managing talent. This issue focuses on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, HR data analytics and workplace agility and can be accessed here.

This is just a small sample of the research we’ve reviewed this year. We are living in complex times and Human Capital Management clearly reflects that fact. At times, the big picture can get lost in the busyness of daily tasks and the inevitable crises that come with a role steeped in human interaction. Sometimes it helps to take the time for some broader industry perspective. We hope this helps.


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5 Steps to Creating a Real-Time Culture of Success [eBook]

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Many books have been written about creating a culture of success. But there is very little information circulating about how to merge traditional management theory with the very untraditional (and even virtual) environments we find ourselves working in today. My free eBook How to Cultivate Success in Real-Time offers a path of convergence between experience-based best practices and the “learn as you go” demands of real-time execution that managers and leaders now face. Here is a special preview of part 4, called 5 Steps to Creating a Real-Time Culture of Success:Step 1: Build on Shared Values A lackluster corporate culture often develops …

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Top 5 Academic HR Articles of 2011

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2011 was another challenging year for human resource management. With ever-changing laws, policies and regulations, coupled with continued economic difficulties and the ever-present threat of downsizing, the only constant demand for HR managers was "change." With more of the same expected for 2012, TribeHR has rounded up five of last year’s most useful and insightful peer-reviewed HR papers.1. "Strategic Human Resource Management in Small and Growing Firms: Aligning Valuable Resources."  Hargis, M.B., & Bradley, D.B. (2011). Academy of Strategic Management Journal. Preview. Michael Hargis at the University of Central Arkansas, and Don Bradley at East Carolina University, take a look …

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Have you ever considered that sitting at your desk could be as detrimental to your health as smoking? Well, if you spend hours on your rear, start worrying, experts say. Blood clots, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, diabetes—the hazards are real. The reality TV world may contend that crab fisherman have the deadliest job, but “desk jockey” may not be far behind. People are increasingly becoming more sedentary, and our bad habits are pushing us towards a healthcare epidemic.America in crisis According to Steve Blair’s report to the American Psychological Association, physical inactivity is the “biggest public health …

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"A strong workplace brand increases loyalty because employees develop a strong affiliation to the company and its culture, resulting in increased retention and saving thousands of dollars in hiring and training costs.” — Robert M. Blonchek Now, more than ever, establishing and nurturing a positive workplace brand is critical to recruiting and retaining new employees. But HR managers and recruiters know that a major challenge in the development of a workplace brand is getting buy-in from company leadership, who might want to put priorities elsewhere. Branding helps companies recruit and retain the very best talent. Just like companies look for stand-out …

HR research: 5 Attributes of a good follower

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Yesterday, Workplace Tribes published an interview with HR consultant and Flipskills co-founder Marc Hurwitz. What we didn’t mention was Marc’s frighteningly long list of academic credentials.  He has a BSc in Theoretical Physics, two Master of Science degrees(Nuclear Physics and Applied Mathematics), an MBA from Wilfred Laurier University(where he is a Finance Lecturer), and a PhD in Neuroscience(his thesis was called “Dynamic Judgments of Spatial Extent: Behavioural, Neural, and Computational Studies”). Marc Hurwitz and Samantha Hurwitz Clearly, Marc Hurwitz is a thought leader in a number of different fields. His HR specialty, though, is understanding …

HR Environmental Scan—Work hours around the world [infographic]

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A long day feels like a long day no matter where you live. In some countries, though, the working day actually does last for a few more hours. In July, we looked at overtime laws from around the world. This week, we pulled data from the OECD to find out which country has the longest average working day. We also compared unpaid working time by gender. Guess who spends more time gardening; the answer might surprise you! Don’t forget to check out all of the HR infographics from TribeHR (maker of awesome HR software). Do you operate a …

Performance appraisal methods: Flatter the HR Manager?

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Employee scores on performance appraisals can be influenced by a number of different things. The evaluating manager’s mood, the economic climate, the employee’s past performance appraisal scores, and even simple quirks of personality can cause significant rating fluctuations. Research from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management has found that past appraisals of an evaluating manager’s performance(even when completely made-up) have a dramatic effect on that manager’s view of their staff. Can you supercharge a performance appraisal with flattery? Flickr/Roadsidepictures Dr. Gary P. Latham and his colleagues first became interested in the …

How to improve performance when sleep-deprived

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You can’t always get a good night’s sleep. Screaming babies. Stress. Traffic noise. Time shortages. Snoring. Distractions. Coffee overindulgence. If you find that you or your staff are coming into work tired, or are exhausted by the end of the day, you aren’t alone. In fact, you’re in very good company. Only 31% of Americans have gotten enough sleep every night in the past month. 11% didn’t get enough sleep on any night. Sleep deprivation can cause potent decreases in workplace productivity. Sleep improves learning, sharpens focus, and strengthens the immune system. Studies of rats have shown …

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