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One of the biggest roadblocks to HR’s strategic relevance in many organizations is the time and energy spent navigating the legal and procedural landscape of human capital management.

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Staying on top of international, national and state level requirements is a full time job in itself. Conversations with HR Executives of growing companies often involve some degree of frustration over the complexity of the HR regulatory environment. Between the FLSA, FMLA, EEOC, etc. in the US, not to mention increasing exposure to international regulations, compliance is a moving target.

While we can’t terraform the HR landscape into something less challenging, we can offer these quick links to some basic resources where you’ll find answers to some of your most common regulatory questions.

Government Resources

US Department of Labor – Summary of Major Laws

Fair labor Standards Act Family and Medical Leave Act

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

American Disabilities Act

Occupational Safety and Health Administration


National Labor Relations Board

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Internal Revenue Service

Occupational Employment Statistics

U.S. Supreme Court 


Non-Government Resources

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Equal Opportunity Advisory Council

American Payroll Association

Human Resources Law

American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA)

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Council for Global Immigration

Association for Talent Development

BLR HR Employment Solutions

HR Laws

HR Hero

State Law Chart Builder

International HR Law Guides

International Labor and Employment Law

O-Net Occupational Information

Employers Counsel Network

This is not a comprehensive list, but we hope it serves as a useful resource in helping you chart your course as you travel through the complex HR regulatory landscape.


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Workplace Diversity: Resource Roundup

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Workplace diversity and gender balance have been so much on our minds these past few months that we’ve been up to our eyeballs in fascinating facts and resources. As I archived a bunch of them recently, it occurred to me to put together a quick Workplace Diversity Resource Roundup before filing them away. So here you go, some of our favorite resources on workplace diversity and gender balance: Workplace Diversity> Diversity in the Workplace: Take One. This one minute video by ACTRA succinctly captures the idea of looking at the workplace through a diversity lens. The Business …

7 Goal and Management Tips For New Supervisors

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Summer is a time for growth and turnover at many companies. It’s when senior staff are most likely to take their vacations or start their retirements. In their stead, many are given opportunities to step into new roles, even if it’s only temporarily. But for new team managers, turnover and growth can mean a lot of new responsibilities. Even if you don’t provide full training for temporary roles, pass along these 7 tips so that your managers know what will be expected of them: 1. Be Prepared! In order to succeed in your new role, it …

eBook: How to Recognize When Your Corporate Culture is a Difference-Maker

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This post is a sneak preview of the newly-released fifth chapter of my free eBook, “How to Cultivate Success in Real-Time.” Click here to download the full thing. Realizing the Difference Companies that have allowed organizational culture to evolve without guidance often suffer from many of the same problems and issues. They start out as fun places to work where everyone is goal-driven and focused on the same objective, but degrade to become places of despondence and conflict. Often, each department, division or team has a different culture. Power struggles are a constant factor and internal politics drive …

2012 HR Technology in Review

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2012 was a busy year for HR technology. From acquisitions and controversies to IPOs and innovations, businesses the world over saw human resources software in the spotlight. With a busy 2013 already underway, it can be easy to forget how significant 2012 truly was. If you’re going to remember just ten key events, let these be them:January All photos by Masakazu Matsumoto. After an unremarkable few years in the wake of 2008’s economic collapse, SAP finally hit the big one late in 2011, announcing the acquisition of SuccessFactors for $3.4B (the deal would go on to close in February 2012), and relaying that …

5 Steps to Creating a Real-Time Culture of Success [eBook]

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Many books have been written about creating a culture of success. But there is very little information circulating about how to merge traditional management theory with the very untraditional (and even virtual) environments we find ourselves working in today. My free eBook How to Cultivate Success in Real-Time offers a path of convergence between experience-based best practices and the “learn as you go” demands of real-time execution that managers and leaders now face. Here is a special preview of part 4, called 5 Steps to Creating a Real-Time Culture of Success:Step 1: Build on Shared Values A lackluster corporate culture often develops …

Do Stale Processes Create Stale Cultures? [eBook]

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A preview of Chapter 3 of "How to Cultivate Success in Real Time": Carl Gustav Jung said “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” Practitioners wielding a variety of recognized HR management tools and techniques often say that they will contribute to the development of a positive culture. Typically, they are passionate about creating a supportive environment for employees, and operate with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, intent and reality often do not align. This is not to say that HR best practices, which have evolved as a result of extensive performance management research and hands-on …

HR Checklist for New Employees

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As you grow your business, expanding staff resources becomes more and more important, to the point where the need to hire employees may outshine all of your other human resources needs. When hiring in large quantities becomes your top priority, company leadership should devise an HR plan which includes a standardized new employee checklist, in order to streamline the onboarding process. Once you’ve begun hiring and have selected the top candidates, all new staff should be prepared to start their positions in a similar manner. When your hiring and onboarding process is consistent, employees can leverage one another’s …

Easier Time Tracking for HR Managers

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The business environment is more competitive than ever, and any organization that ignores complacency in the workplace is beckoning its own death. For that reason, every company should take HR time tracking seriously. In most cases, when employees waste time it’s the company that ends up paying for it. That’s why leading managers consider an investment in employee time tracking and management software vital. Basic employee time tracking software captures and stores the time employees spend on any given. This feature is especially important for workers who are paid hourly. Different programs have other additional features, such as …

Keep valuable employees without tying them to their desks

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The economy is still struggling. Many organizations are trying to decide if they need to cut the number of employees on the payroll, or if they should wait the situation out. Yet even in times of uncertainty, valuable, productive employees may be thinking about changing employers. Businesses that want to keep top talent must constantly work to retain their top talent. Forward-thinking employers keep their staff engaged, so that they can meet current and future needs, stay competitive, and respond quickly to changing market demands. Organizations that invest in their employees are able to maintain higher levels of employee engagement, …

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