eCard: HR on Weekends

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Is Casual Dress a Workplace Mess?

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Blue jeans in the office? Sneakers in the boardroom? How much should you tolerate before you start cracking down on your employees' casual clothing? The answer, I would argue, is a lot. In most industries, you don't select employees based on their good looks or great style. In most industries, you hire the best person for the job, and do everything you can to have them work as hard as they can for as long as they can without burning out. Casual dress: Drop your guard a little bit. Flickr/Ken Yee Casual dress is an easy way to …

6 Tips for Talent Acquisition with Limited HR Resources

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It was another incredibly stressful day for the Human Resources team. It was January, cold, and the reflection of the sun off the freshly-fallen snow outside blinded everyone who dared look out the window. On top of that, the office was cold, and the flu had begun to run rampant through the team, resulting in frequent absences. The work itself was, at least, consistent—perhaps too much so, as evidenced by the sound of keyboards tapping a little too vigorously. To say the least, the team was stretched thin—and the meeting in the conference room that day …

What Does an Effective Employee Team Look Like?

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Jack Bakersfield runs a small newspaper in a small town. He began his career with a college degree in journalism and short-term internships at local newspapers. After devoting himself to his writing full-time, he spent many years honing his craft and earning a steady living. He now acts as the publisher—the man-in-charge—of his own newspaper. Jack’s passion for writing, he believes, has made his day-to-day life dramatically easier over the years. He had always feared spending too much time working dead-end jobs, or ever feeling trapped in a job he genuinely disliked. "Follow your passion," his parents …

HR and Open Lines of Cat Stories

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Okay, so an HR manager walks into a bar… Started the joke that no one has ever told. As most recently personified by Toby on “The Office,” those who work in HR don’t exactly get a lot of credit for their warm senses of humor, which is too bad. Just like everyone else, HR professionals like to kick up their heels and have a good laugh (even at their own expense) every once in a while. It’s in this spirit that we’re launching a someecards campaign, which attempts to find the humor in the daily occurrences HR …

How Social HR Can Change Your Career

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You finish high school, you get a job mopping floors, you work hard and you keep your nose down. Over time you rise through the ranks, learning the business from the ground-up, and after 40 years of progressive responsibility you become the CEO. Sound familiar? Maybe you read about it in a history book. It doesn’t happen anymore. That’s because the typical career progression has changed into something completely different from what your father or your grandfather experienced. Job tenures are shorter than ever. Many businesses won’t hire candidates who don’t have an undergraduate (or even a …

Resolve to Make 2013 the Year of HR

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Often New Year’s resolutions get made with the best intentions, only to be broken within a matter of hours. In an article from Forbes, Brett Nelson reflects on the reasons why so many personal and professional resolutions fail before January is over. Brett recommends avoiding formulating resolutions that are quick fixes. For example, rather than resolving to lose weight, aim instead to be healthy. For translation to the work world: rather than electing to spend 5% more on marketing in the hopes of seeing an increase in sales, you could refine your overall strategy, prune personnel, and improve the organization …

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