Managers, devote your time to your employees!

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How much of your time do you actually spend managing your employees rather than being wrapped up in tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks? Like many leaders, you may feel like you are only a part-time employee manager, with such a large portion of your time and energy devoted to crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

Many types of documentation are involved with managing hourly employees. Ask yourself this - is your time better spent devoted to fulfilling your employees’ needs, or instead filling out forms and documenting details? The documentation is necessary, and the government requires the paperwork - but your employees need you!

As a manager and leader, your time should be devoted to your employees. Visible leaders lead to visible results, in addition to retention and heightened productivity. Remember that although you hand-picked your employees, they also chose your company based on its perceived brand. More likely than not, your company’s brand includes managers engaging with employees, rather than sitting behind desks doing paperwork.

Luckily, in this golden age of technology, we can rely on automated solutions to make the back-end management of employees flow seamlessly, while freeing you up to tackle other issues. Imagine how much you can improve employee morale just by making yourself more available to your employees! Employee morale is extremely important to company culture. After all, once you’ve recruited the employees you want for your business, you must give them a reason to stay in the organization. Being a trusted, respected and visible manager is a key component of retention.

Simply utilizing software isn’t enough to buy more time with your employees, however. Some programs require more resources to succesfully run than the outputs they produce. Remember the infamous TPS report in Office Space? Software is meant to minimize pain, not maximize time spent. Software should be intuitive to use and seamlessly integrate with other business functions. Better yet, the software you choose to automate your HR and other hourly employee management functions should foster a social workplace.

Wait, what? A social workplace? Yes! Company brand and company culture are interwoven and interdependent. Whether your employees are at desks, in a warehouse, or spread throughout the world, the ability to socialize in a supported and appropriate forum can help the entire organization better work together.

Is this all starting to sound a bit space-agey? A software solution that not only automates the paperwork of a manager but also enables employee engagement? What next - recruiting and reporting? Well, yes! The software we’ve designed here at TribeHR is specifically intended to support you and your business from A to Z - in particular, removing pain and time from the employee life cycle.

It’s time to stop being a part-time employee manager! TribeHR has you and your company covered.

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