TribeHR Puts Social HR Into High Gear

Unveils New Ways for HR Managers to Recruit, Engage, and Recognize Employees through LinkedIn, Facebook and Corporate Social Networks

WATERLOO, Ontario and BOSTON – September 11, 2012TribeHR, pioneer of the industry’s first social HR platform, today introduced enhancements to its cloud-based application that help HR managers and business owners improve social recruitment, drive employee engagement and foster strong corporate cultures. TribeHR is the only comprehensive solution for SMBs that manages the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment and applicant tracking, to time off tracking, salary history, and performance management—making HR less about paperwork and more about people.

TribeHR is introducing new LinkedIn and Facebook features that help HR managers simplify and amplify social recruiting.

  • LinkedIn Integration. TribeHR-driven job postings now feature a new “Apply with LinkedIn” button enabling busy job candidates to quickly declare their interest in a position. TribeHR automatically builds an applicant profile based off of the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, and allows a designated team of reviewers to rate, rank, comment, interview, and hire the right candidate.
  • Facebook Job Posting Application. HR managers can now automatically update their company’s Facebook page with open job positions, and allow prospective employees to submit their applications through Facebook. Companies can now inexpensively amplify and widen their application pools by leveraging their followers and employees’ social networks to attract the best candidates.

TribeHR’s new social recognition and feedback features help HR managers develop and retain talent by recognizing employees who embrace the organization’s values and workplace culture.

  • Facebook Feedback. TribeHR helps motivate employees to work harder and improve their teamwork by giving kudos to their colleagues in recognition for jobs well done. TribeHR records this feedback and stores it on the employee’s personnel file for easy access during annual reviews.

Now, with permission from their HR manager and the employee who gave kudos, recipients can share the positive feedback they receive with friends and family by pushing it to their Facebook timelines. Sharing workplace accomplishments on Facebook not only helps employees feel good about their successes, but also promotes brand awareness and business referrals.

  • Social Feedback. To get a more complete picture of employee performance, many HR managers collect 360 social feedback from peers, direct reports, and other workplace associates. TribeHR’s new 360 Social Feedback feature lets users request and collect feedback at any time from anyone in the organization. This new capability helps managers easily collect real-time feedback as part of a formal review, or continuous feedback on any employee.

“Vibrant businesses are those that are committed to not only providing employees with regular feedback but also recognizing good performance,” said Joseph Fung, TribeHR CEO. “The enhanced TribeHR platform makes soliciting fresh insights from peers simple and instantaneous, and sharing recognition even more social.”

“TribeHR helps to lessen the burden of administrative functions so you can focus more on strategic initiatives, employee programs and areas with a larger impact”,” said Rebecca Graham, HR Manager for Enflick. “We use the kudos feature often and think employees will really embrace being able to share these professional compliments on their own social networks.”


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Headquartered in Waterloo, ON and Boston, MA, TribeHR Corp. builds TribeHR, the first truly social human resources management software. Its easy-to-use tools are used by businesses worldwide, allowing companies to focus more on what they do best and less on things that get in the way. TribeHR was founded in 2009 and is funded by Matrix Partners and Relay Ventures. For more information, visit


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