Become a TribeHR Reseller and Help Change the Face of Human Resources

Grow Your Business as a TribeHR Reseller

TribeHR is a pioneer in the social human resources industry, building software that encompasses the latest HR best practices. As more fast-growing and mid-sized companies look to optimize their staffing, recruiting, HR administration and performance management activities, the TribeHR Reseller Program offers you a wealth of opportunities to grow your own business.

Why Become a TribeHR Reseller?

TribeHR is the leading web-based HR platform for small and medium businesses. With tens of thousands of employees managed through TribeHR in over 20 different countries, TribeHR helps companies with recruitment and applicant tracking, time off tracking, salary history, performance management, and more. With its ground-breaking social interface, TribeHR makes HR less about paperwork and more about people.

We look to build strong, collaborative relationships with high-caliber HR consultants and service providers who are committed to delivering powerful and efficient solutions and services to their clients. As a TribeHR Reseller, the leading Social HR platform will broaden your portfolio and increase your chances of winning new business, while expanding your opportunities with existing clients. As a TribeHR Reseller, you can:

  • Drive recurring revenue. Enjoy industry-leading margins with recurring monthly revenue, while partnering with the only small and medium business HR platform that manages the entire employee lifecycle. Leverage TribeHR’s capabilities to uncover new opportunities with current customers, or win business with new companies to boost your bottom line.
  • Expand service offerings. TribeHR’s platform enables you to offer additional and enhanced services as your customers grow, including staffing, recruiting, recognition, employee management, and leading-edge talent management. The opportunity doesn’t stop with the initial sale, but continues throughout the life of your customer.
  • Align with the Social HR leader. Leverage your HR expertise and experience with TribeHR’s revolutionary platform to deliver the most affordable, highest value HR experience on the market.
  • Ramp up quickly with individual training. Your staff will quickly become TribeHR experts, thanks to personalized training that allows them to quickly implement the system for your clients, develop customized performance appraisal templates, create recruiting and interview processes, and deploy employee directories and calendars that meet the individual needs of your customers. Never before have you been able to do so much with a single platform!

What Resellers Say

“The TribeHR Reseller Program is a natural fit for our business, which helps start-ups by building the back-office services they need to scale and perform. TribeHR helps fast-paced, growing businesses spend less time on admin and more time on finding and retaining the best talent.”
—Mike Jacobson, Founder and CEO of Advisor

“TribeHR’s platform allows us to deliver even more value to our customers. By automating HR administration, and most importantly, offering sound management tools for line managers to constructively engage their employees, companies can concentrate the energy of the entire organization on the achievement of corporate goals.”
—John Platz, President, HR/IR Satellite Inc and Platz & Associates Inc.

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TribeHR for Enterprise
Enterprise customers can customize their package specifically to their corporate HRIS requirements.

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