Security and APIs

End-to-end Encryption

The information you store in TribeHR is highly sensitive. TribeHR’s constant HTTPS1 encryption makes sure your data is always encrypted as it travels from our servers to your web browser. Like many banks, we use 2048-bit asynchronous encryption, which is predicted to be secure until at least the year 2030. Our systems are so secure, that even TribeHR staff can’t access your HR data without your explicit permission!

Your data always belongs to you

Since its inception, TribeHR has made data safety and portability a top priority. Unlike many service providers, TribeHR gives every organization its own unique database with a private connection. This means that even in the unlikely event that one of our customer’s accounts was hacked, your data would not be compromised in any way.

Need to leave TribeHR? As much as we’d hate to lose you, we will never hold your data hostage. You can easily export your data in a common, compatible format.

Privacy matters

In TribeHR, employees and managers have full control over privacy settings and information visibility. Each account holder decides what to keep private, what to share with a manager or direct report, and what to share with the whole team. Broad visibility controls mean your private information stays private. And personal information is always kept 100% secure.

And of course, if you’re concerned that employees might find so much control confusing at first, your TribeHR customer success specialist can help by blocking any features you're not ready to implement right away.

Developer friendly

Because we love the convenience and practicality of software integrations, we made sure TribeHR is developer friendly with an open API2 and extensive documentation, so you can build a direct connection to us. This also makes it ridiculously easy for your IT team to get data out of TribeHR or to push data right into the TribeHR application itself.

Have questions about the API or a specific integration? We're happy to help.

Download TribeHR Infrastructure - Security & Privacy Overview for more information.


1 Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a widely used communications for encrypted SSL (secure sockets layer) communications over a computer network.
2 An application programming interface (API) is a protocol used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. Open APIs make it easier for developers to customize and integrate software applications.